“Isabel and Gemma were a pleasure to work with - focussed, efficient, effective, and all delivered with remarkable patience and energy. It doesn’t get tougher than working with a broad coalition, with all our differences, to pull off one of the biggest mobilisations in the last 10 years. They focussed our communications, dealt with masses of media demands, helped activists in London and around the country get ready for the big day, and helped make the whole thing look creative and energetic. They went well beyond my expectations. We’ve got such a great basis for building on now, and Gemma and Isabel are a core part of the reason for that. I hope to work with them again.” 

"The hard work, dedication and talent of these two professionals was inspiring. They worked utilising a co-creative approach, which helped make a good idea great, showcasing the extraordinary achievements of those who fight for a better world. This is only the beginning of a journey for the foundation and CORA Campaign Communications and everyone at the Foundation looks forward to working with them again in the very near future."

"Having had the opportunity to witness the ability of the CORA team I would recommend them to any organisation. Knowing their commitment, hard work and dedication to grassroots social justice and their support for our labour movement and to those whose voices largely go unheard in our communities - I believe they will benefit greatly from their experience and their agency."

Celia Petty, International Campaigns Director

"This is your campaign communications dream team! They are very committed with a deep understanding of trade union and social justice issues, an acute sense of just the right message, and an impressive determination to excel. From strategic campaign planning to messaging and content production, with this team you will be getting the total package."

2018 by CORA campaign communications