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CORA is a campaigns and communications collective; our participatory approach helps us to empower social change organisations to win.


Campaigning: Let us help you turn your campaign ideas

into a fully formed strategy with clear objectives and

support your team to develop strategic campaigning,

organising and mobilisation methodology and skills. 


We can help you analyse your targets, identify your

key allies and understand your opportunities for leverage.


Communications: We can create and disseminate

magnificent and targeted communications, this includes:

  • media outreach 

  • campaign materials for online and offline mobilising
    including film

  • platform development & content creation

  • visual identity and brand building

  • Training and workshops: Let us equip your people with the communications skills they need for campaigning, organising, mobilisation, network building, worker to worker communications and citizen reporting.


Organisational strategy building: We can support you to define or reshape your mission, values, vision and goals – whether organisation wide or campaign specific. Together we can help you develop your organisational strategy.

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